All about pirates and their heritage

Captain Jack Sparrow films, the pirate costume industry has been given new impetus to the total costumes scene. New releases create a surge in sales and the long lasting popularity of the character established pirate costumes as one of the most popular outfits for parties and celebration. Take look around restaurants on Friday and Saturday nights in popular restaurants in your local town centre and you will see young women dressed in some form of pirate outfit.

With the charm that Johnny Depp exudes in the title role, a certain attraction has been added to the mix. It seems this genre of fancy dress is here to stay and it is interesting to see how suppliers develop their styles to keep up to date.

Every year new ranges and new brands are appearing each with the sole task of adding their own identity to pirate outfits. Many American brands are now appearing in the UK with the release of Fever and Legs Avenue to name a few.
The looks are starting to appeal across 2 markets at the same time. For example the latest ladies outfits show short and sexy skirts which touches upon the naughty look. This is a new development but indicates just how clever designers can be in attracting new customers.

An example of the pirate look overlapping with 18th century fashion:
Gold Doubloon Pirate Adult Costume

Retro Style

Black sleeveless dress. Very elaborate embroidery

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Pirates swords

Many accessories tie up and strengthen the pirate costumes

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Day to Day Pirate wear

Outfits more suitable for daytime wearing, although probably not on board the ship

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