As a parent you will know what it is like with your kids getting all excited about Halloween which is coming up soon. My way with my kids is just to let them dress up as the characters of their choice rather than me telling them what they are going to be. So my son has again chosen Star wars and my daughter a disney princess. Maybe you have heard of Lava Girl from the movie Shark boy. The trouble is I can't find a Lava Girl costume anywhere. Except if I want to pay well over $100.

Anyway to help give you ideas I have formed a list of 5 different outfits for girls that are not run of the mill.

  1. Lava Girl . She has the power and strength to help all mankind. This one is going to require you to make the costume yourself, based on researching images on the internet.
  2. Anne of Green Gables. So here my idea is to seek characters from the world of literature. Again You dont necessarily find them in ordinary costumes shops, but can you images how much this costume could stand out at a party? You have them images from various dramatisations on t.v. All you have to do is put some pieces together to form the outfit.
  3. Hermione Grainger from Harry Potter– This one is more commercial because of the longevity of the film series. The outfit is  stocked at Target and your local costume shop. Your daughter can become a smart witch for Halloween.
  4. Pirate costume–A forgotten character here is  Elisabeth Swann from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. You could swap in a strong Pirate girl costume for the role. Or borrow from  history and make your pirate Anne Bonny , a very real tough , female pirate from long ago.What a pleasant change to have a well known female pirate as opposed to Jack sparrow, who we never stop hearing about or seeing.
  5. Princess Leia of Star Wars – If your child is into Star Wars, take it on board fully. She could become a Jedi if she wants to.
    Superhero –
    Perhaps it is time to revisit the characters we grew up with as kids ourselves. So lets leave the princesses behind for a moment and pick up these old comic books. You will remember Batwoman, Superwoman and Wonderwoman. Great characters from the past.