When ladies go out and about on the town, sometimes a theme is in order. One of the more popular is Pirate Night. It's a fun theme and it gives the ladies a great opportunity to shake some booty and strut their stuff. Fortunately, there is a large variety of costumes and accessories to give everyone an even shot at being original and sexy.

ladies pirate costumes
Here are a few costume ideas that are sure to shiver some timbers:

• Sassy Jack Sparrow Costume - This sassy number comes with a thigh high dress complete with buckles and an attached belt to highlight the waistline. Underneath, a feminine petticoat skirt showcases the coquettish side while the bold black boot covers suggest a lady who may not be a lady in every situation; there's some naughtiness there. A bandanna completes the image and adds a bit of haughtiness to the naughtiness.

• The Royal Lady Adult Plus Costume - Designed for a plus size lady with lots of pluses to share, it includes a sexy dress with white puffy sleeves and a vest style torso. The teasing bodice is tauntingly fresh with lace that goes from neck to waist. A matching hat jauntily posed atop the lass presents a very alluring package, one that is sure to please.

• Pink and Black Adult Pirate Costume - Yarrrr. The captain will be looking to make the wearer of this adorable costume his first mate. A sweet, off-the-shoulder pink half-shirt proudly shows off your treasure chest of delights in a burst of sauciness that's sure to bring the captain's wooden leg to a shiver. A darling black skirt with a laced front from tummy to bodice barely reaches mid-thigh and is sure to catch his one good eye. This hardly prim and proper outfit will accent lovely legs to their maximum exposure. A matching hat with skull and crossbones tops off this scintillating outfit.

However the pirate wench chooses to dress, the pirate style is always an eye-catcher and attention-getter. To really shake up the crow's nest, bring a parrot! Yarrrr.