Bringing Your Pirate Costumes to Life

These days, larger-than-life characters are all the rage. Pirates, especially, have come back into fashion, and have appeared in a number of popular movies and books in recent years. Both girls and boys can enjoy pirate stories. Given the popularity of pirates, parents may want to consider inviting their children to dress up like pirates for Halloween.

Parents can buy pirate costumes at virtually any party or Halloween supply store, and the costume one buys can vary in complexity and ornateness depending on budget. Dressing up as in pirate costumes for Halloween (or any other themed occasion) can as simple as strapping on an eye patch and a red bandanna, or as detailed as purchasing period clothing and all the accessories that come with it. Some accessories that one may want to purchase when putting together a costume may include, in addition to eye patches and bandannas, hoop earrings, a “hook” to be used as a hand, a peg leg, a ruffled or button-down shirt or a three-corner hat. The infamous “Jolly Roger” pirate flag, a black flag featuring a skull resting above two crossed swords, could also make for a fun accessory. Another common accessory for pirate costumes is a stuffed parrot that rests on the shoulder. The parrot can be as colorful or as lifelike as one wants, and for those looking to achieve authenticity, robot talking parrots can be purchased online.

Dressing up as a pirate, however detailed and true to history, may not be enough, however. When out and about for Halloween or a theme occasion, these “pirates” should stay in character; for many, this is the most fun part about dressing up as a pirate. Try using traditional pirate phrases. Some phrases that pirates are known to say include, “Arr, matey,” “Ahoy” and “Avast ye.”

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