Get hold of an old suit and mess it up a little. Do the same with an old white shirt. Now lay down the suit and shirt inside, and paint a tire tread mark across it with black paint. You have to use a lot of paint to make it thick.

Now place it under your car tire and run over it . This way you get a perfect tire print.
Add some mud for extra effect.

Another creepy character from folklore, is Medusa who, legend has it, turned men to stone by looking at them. Her outstanding feature is snakes on her head. You can replicate this by buying 10 rubber snakes form your local store.Make sure you have different lengths. Some 5 inches and some 10 inches. Rubber is great because the snakes will bounce around when you walk.

With a white bed sheet, wrap it around you like a toga using safety pins.

Attach each snake to your hair using pipe cleaners or something similar. Keep the short snakes at the front and the longer ones at the back. Paint your lips and nails black. Now you are ready to make your appearance as Medusa.