Film theme costumes for halloween

We all love scary movies and horror film costumes are a fantastic way to dress up for Halloween. Everyone has their favourite horror movie and you can dress up as a character from your own favourite. You might be a Zombie freak, a Frankenstein fanatic or follower of Dracula.There are some great and unique movie themed Halloween costumes to choose from. We tend to think of the “baddies” as being male characters, but there are also plenty of wicked female characters featured in horror films and which are great for women’s fancy dress.

You could dress up as the mysterious and creepy Morticia Addams of the Addams family. You can wear a tight black gown with “tentacles” at the bottom. Add blood red lipstick, the whitest make-up, black eyeliner and a lblack wig and you will look the part of the famous wife of Gomez. The Addams family is surely one of the most famous and notorious fictional families ever. They are strange, rich and eccentric, delighting in all things macabre.

Another great female Halloween costume to choose is Catwoman. Black vinyl cat suits are available in the shops or you can order one off the web and you can find accessories such as matching black masks, belts and gloves. You can buy yellow cat’s eyes contacts, which work well with feline fancy dress outfits and also add a twist to a Bat woman costume. Catwoman is a villainess we loves to hate. She is a main character in the Batman series of movies and starred in a spin-off series of her own. There is also a Catwoman’s outfit, a skintight catsuit, sometimes takes some searching to find it, because it was popular in the 90s. The costume then evolved into a black PVC catsuit when Michelle Pfeiffer played the part of Catwoman.

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