With Halloween just around the corner, one costume will be sure to be on every little boys list: a pirate costume. New releases of movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean 4, with Johnny Depp, has brought a renewed interest to an old past time. As with anything, when demand increases, so does the price.

So where can the creative shopper find a great price on a costume for the children’s Halloween fun? Well, if one must look like Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow, they are in luck. Just typing in a search on the Internet will bring up more websites than one can count. Most costume packages will include a hat, eye patch, sword, and a hook. The average price for a child’s size costume is around thirty dollars. Other options include a deluxe set with cropped pants, overcoat and a cape. If one has a little girl pirate, the outfits displayed are equipped with a skirt, eye patch, a belt, boots and other decorative accessories. One thing that is not included in these outfits is the parrot; he can be purchased as an extra accessory.

Adults are in luck if they, too, want to be a pirate this Halloween. There are also several websites hosting adult pirate costumes with a price range of $40-$80. These larger versions have basically the same accessories as the children’s but also include a full outfit. There are vast variations of color and one can put together quite a masterpiece by picking and choosing his or her own elements.

Party stores across the nation are ready for this year’s Halloween well in advance. They have already been following the trends and know which costumes are sure to be a sellout. The wise thing would be to get a costume early and avoid the rush. Waiting till the last minute may cause some adults and children alike to have to choose an alternative.
With everyone being so crafty these days and trying to save money, it is important to mention that shoppers can make their own costume. There are several do- it- yourself websites that give a step- by- step guide for creating an original masterpiece. If one is not too handy with a needle and thread, some patterns offer options using felt and a glue gun.

No matter if one chooses to have a homemade costume or purchase one from a reputable dealer, this Halloween is sure to have plenty of pirates saying,” Arrr, maties!”.