If you are the type of person who is handy with a sewing machine and really enjoys making your own creations, then here is a simple guide to making up a pirate costume.
Following these steps allows you to be highly creative in how you design the outfit and gives you great latitute in adding in all those glittering accessories you see in costume stores.
Let’s start with the trousers. These are best chosen in black with a close fit, not too baggy or tight.
If, on he other hand, you really want a baggy look then we suggest cutting the leg off at the knee and making rough cuts at the hems so as to acquire a well worn look.
Kitting out a pirate costume for a lady on the other hand, simply buy a black skirt. A long length will let you go along the peasant look. If you are loookng to creat a sexy outfitm then a short skirt wouls be more suitable. Again, do some rough cutting at them hem for that old worn out look.
For the top let’s go for a shirt with long sleeves, not to fussy or formal.A baggy fit here is best and much more traditional.
Undo the top buttons. Fort extra effect dirty up the shirt and apply a few small tears. A ferw ruffles on the collar would add a real touch of authenticity to your pirate costume
To create a suitable vest, choose black or red and be sure to avoid any patterns as something of recent origin will look odd.
Special Touches to Make Your Pirate Costume a Hit on the High Seas