So you want to swagger like Captain Jack Sparrow while drinking grog? Sounds fun but first you need to look the part! Making a pirate costume is fun and easy and just the thing for costume parties and Halloween, or even a themed Rennaisance festival! You don't need to know how to sew to make a great pirate costume.Get ready to build a great pirate look for your next party so you can swashbuckle with the best of them.

Most of what you need for a pirate costume can be bought or salvaged – adapting clothing is the fastest way for anyone to make yourself into a pirate. Pick up some tight-fitted black or brown pants or, if you prefer, buy some baggy trousers and cut them below the knee in a zig zag shape. Pirate ladies might wear long or short skirts and cut across the bottom hem in an untidy, torn effect. A white long-sleeved shirt that fits loosely works great – bonus points if it's ruffled like a Victorian shirt! Any black, red, or brown vest can work for a pirate; women's vests should be tight fitting and men's should be long and loose.

Don't forget about all of the great accessories it takes to be a really fashionable pirate! Shoes and boots are important; men can wear sandals, loafers, or tall military-style boots in black or brown if they can find them and women can wear ankle or knee high boots to be a truly saucy pirate wench. Hats, bandannas, feathers, and beads are great accessories for any stylish pirate costume. Find a stuffed toy parrot to place on your shoulder who will be your feathered first mate.You might give him a little hat!

Finish off your pirate look with a wide belt or sash and other swindled accessories such as earrings, necklaces, rings and scarves. Add a frightening little anchor or treasure-themed fake tattoos with suitable paint or makeup to ensure you look appear like tough pirate. You can attain that suave Captain Jack Sparrow look by adding some more eyeliner and false eyelashes. Carry all the correct little accessories such as a treasure map, eye patch and compass so you look like you are ready for a high seas treasure hunt.

Lots of these items can be found and purchased at local clothing shops, thrift stores, costume stores, toy and party stores, or even garage sales. Don't overestimate the power of used, borrowed, and altered clothing when putting your new pirate costume together. If you're buying your clothes, then consider ripping them up and using markers or makeup to make them look old, worn, and stained to look like a proper scalawag. If you know anything about sewing it can help alter your pirate clothes but you don't need to know how to work a needle and thread to make a great costume for piracy and fun!