There are many standard costumes on the market today. However, they all have a way of looking the same. To really make your costume stand out from the crowd, try using a basic costume and then adding realistic touches to make yours the best. There are some ways to make a pirate costume look realistic, too.

Embellish the Eye Patch
Don't settle for a plain, black eye patch like everyone else has. Instead, find ways to make yours unique. Sew on sequins in a pattern for a bit of glamour. Another idea is to hot glue feathers or beads to the patch. You can even use fabric paint to paint your own design onto the eye patch.

Choose Another Fabric
There are no limits to the fabric choices available for the actual costume. In fact, try to make your costume look different just by changing some of the fabrics. For example, use a heavy, black, leather fabric for the pirate's vest. This will give the costume an edgy feel. Add a wide, black, leather belt to match the vest for a cohesive look. Wear a white, silk shirt underneath the black vest to play up the contrasting colors.

The Shoes
Make your costume even more realistic by choosing to wear long, heavy boots. Skip other shoe designs, and wear boots that come at least midway of the calves. Make sure the pants are tucked into the boots, so the boots can be seen.

Add a Little Make-up
Even males should add a bit of make-up to make them look more realistic. Pirates are rough and tough, and so people dressing up as pirates should try to achieve that same look. Consider wearing thick eye liner and mascara to darken the eyes. Use dark colored eye shadow to create bruises on the face or under the eyes. Red lip liner can be used to make wounds look real and bloody.

Customize the Sword
Almost every pirate has a sword. Customize yours to make it look authentic. Use silver and black spray paint to make the blade look aged and authentic. Paint a custom design on the handle to make your sword unique. Add a few drops of red paint to show your sword has been used in battle.

Anyone can make a pirate costume look realistic by using these simple techniques. The best costumes feature realistic details that make them shine.