The fashion and music industries have always gone hand in hand. The music industry would always cause great interest in the fashion industry. Music artists do their work in such a way that they implement their personalities not only in their tunes, but also in the way they dress and in the way they convey dress sense. Their music and fashion both complimented each other generously and that is why to this day they are still well known.
Singers like Bob Marley, the Beatles, Paul McCartney and many others had their own unique fashion sense just like their music.

Their music and fashion was different from each other’s but in some way they were all the same. They all had that exquisite taste and uniqueness in them that brought people closer to their music and the closer people came to their music, they grew closer to their fashion as well. People wanted to look like their idols, so they started imitating them. In this way the music industry completely changed the fashion industry in the 1970’s period. This is why the 1970’s is known as the most revolutionary era of fashion.

The costume and fashion industry exploded with amazing styles like bell bottom pants, tank tops, platform shoes, afro hairdos, go-go boots, floral prints, bright coloured clothes and many other incredulous designs. All these costumes and designs were inspired by world famous stars that blended the hippie look into the 70’s. These designs were so simple and casual and yet they were also the most stylish designs of the time. The designs were so unique and original that they spread not only in Britain but also in the entire Europe. These designs can still be seen among us. If we were to look close enough we would see the resemblance in the new fashion and in the old fashion of the 1970’s. The fashion of the 70’s isn’t the only thing that lasted to this day but the people that brought these styles to us and started our fascination in the era. So our celebration of costumes of people from the past continues with ever increasing amounts being spent on the industries updates of all these classics, including the Johny Depp's pirate costume from his movies.