The real art of being a pirate is to be able to be a cowardly, greedy and deceptive!!
As a reader of this website you are of course a very nice law abiding person and would never contemplate any of these things. But if you are thinking of pushing your boundaries here are a few things you might think about

Firstly create your own pirate jolly roger. Something with a skull and crossbones or even a design more gruesome than that. Just like you were creating a logo for your business. They were in business after all. Now apply this design to all your hats flags and badges.

Make a hat from 2 cards . Firstly draw an outline of a pirates hat on them. Then cut out the shape. You can use staples to fix the 2 sheets together. Finish off the hat by painting or drawing pirate designs  and also glue on some feathers and buttons etc.

Any eye patch can be made by cutting out a circle on black paper or soft card. The fold it in 2 so you have a semicircle 2 layers thick. Under the flap add your elastication .
Pirate Ship Explore
If you are feeling particularly intent, you can now go on to create pirate ship. The idea here is you would step inside it and carry it around your waist. So start by getting a box that is just big enough tot steep inside. .
Cut a hole in the base of it. Add string to each edge of the box so you can slip them over your shoulders.
On the outside of the box apply fake cannon guns by colouring toilet tube in black and sticking them on the outside of your box.
Add a little jolly rodger flag at the back of you ship , and you are ready to go