Pirate costumes for your christmas party

Fancy trying to make a pirate costume? there are many ways you could make your first attempt. You could make it yourself, or gather pieces you find to develop the look. Some great resources are second hand stores, where you will come across affordable and unique materials, clothing, and one or two accessories for your costume.

If, on the other hand you just don’t have the time to make your costume, there are some superb pirate costumes to purchase ready-made. You will also come across hair products you need to make your costume complete.

Decide if you want to look like a particlaur pirate character, whether it’s a historical pirate or a pirate character from a film. Pirate costumes are great fun for parties for women and men, and can be adorable for couples and children.

Dark trousers are a basic for pirate costume are dark pants and are often quite baggy, trimmed below the knee. For women, a peasant-type skirt is very feminine, and depending on your age and preference you can make it short or long. For tops, a simple and baggy white button-up shirt would fit the bill – if you can find one with ruffles that would be even better.

For accessories, look for tall boots, a pirate hat or bandanna, a sash, and a sword. You can also look for flashy gold jewelry to fit the pirate theme – remember this is the kind of stuff they were after.

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