When it comes to a Fancy dress party that requires something exceptional , a guy can to choose one that suits his personality best. The best effect is to swagger in wearing a Captain Hook Pirate Costume. The subscript here is that you are menacing and dangerous. What a change to your normal life, particularly if you don’t get to shout about yourself too often. There are fabulous suits to choose from . It is a theme with a historical background, a storyline straight from a Peter Pan Disney movie. These were popular movies which kept many people glued to film theater screens for hours.

The unique and detailed fancy dress outfit of the Captain Hook Pirate Costume is stylish enough to catch the eye. The effect cannot be mistaken for anything else but that of a cruel captain of a pirate ship in the rough, high seas. It reminds people of tales of buccaneers, those that earned their living by hunting down rich merchant ships and capturing and looting them. The holding the crew and passengers to ransom. These dreaded pirates had the habit of commandeering unsuspecting ships in the Caribbean adventure stories. For a fancy pirate party theme, just put on a splendid coat or long jacket of deep purple colour with pink highlights.

The Captain Hook Pirate Costume should have a black belt with a large buckle. The belt fits the waist to keep the purple vest, with gold trims, in place. At the collar is a white cravat. This is a large white kerchief attached to the collar. To match the long coat is a pair of purple trousers. The accessory to wear on the head is a wide brimmed hat. Use accessories such as a pirate wig that comes as a set with a long moustache and beards.