charlie bears costumeCharlie bears costume

One of the most loved stuffed puppets of today is the teddy bear. It originated in the states when President Roosevelt came across a little bear on a hunting trip.
Photographers snapped the president when he met the small bear. He didn't want to harm the bear and headline in the press the next way was about this bear . A local business woman decided to make toy bear based on this story, called it teddy bear and asked the presidents permission to use it. He agreed and the rest is history.
The German brand Stieff is the top brand makers and Steiff bears can fetch several thousand dollars at the auctions as collectors pieces.
The latest big brand having success in the UK is Charlie bears. Although there is not a charlie bears costume, the styling of these bears is adorable and you would be hard pressed not to like them

Make a quick and easy bear costume for your child.
The teddy bear has often been adopted into the costumes market where mums are taking a great fun in making up teddy bear outfits for their kids.
And there are some very elaborate instructions on the web where you will find a complete guide to making up a costume for your child. If you have cutting a sewing skills, you might like to try this one at Blooming homestead.

If, on the other hand, you are into collecting teddy bears then you could take little time to learn more about them and the values they reach.

A more economical and much easier way to create your own teddy bear costume is to buy a giant size teddy about 5 or 6 feet tall. You’ve probably seen the type of thing at a carnival or novelty toy shop.
You then cut the fabric and remove the padding as far as possible.
This is so much simpler than buying fabrics and working out cutting patterns etc. Someone has already done that that for you. All you have to do is remove some padding. And there are always good deals on giant size bears out of season.
To go even further you can buy a small electronic speaker and play teddy bear sounds when you meet people at your party or event. There are plenty of sound devices you could hook up to your teddy to make your costume complete.