The cannon on a pirate ship fires a warning shot.The merchant ship shudders from the effect. Firing starts and guns blaze everywhere. Men get injured.
The ship steerer is wounded and the ship starts turning in a circle.
Pirates board the ship.
The tall one has long curled black hair and striking pirate costume, his belt stuffed with guns.
Frightened sailors run for their lives.
Blackbeard has just captured another ship.

From 1716 to 1718 pirates terrorized seafaring vessels on the Atlantic ocean. They operated just before daybreak when visibility was so poor they could not be seen. Their approach would be to see at first what nationality the merchant vessel was, then raise the same one themselves in order to appear friendly.

This allowed them to approach very close. Only at the very last moment did they raise the skull and crossbones in order to frighten the sailors into surrendering.
From that point it was much easier for them to actually board the target vessel and capture it.

With this fearsome tactic and approach, most vessels surrendered without putting up a fight.
Their main aim was to capture the ship's steerer. Then they would throw hooks onto the ship, pull it in and leap on board.

As well as taking the treasure, they also held the passengers captive for ransoms

Blackbeard's history was interesting, He had been a seaman and learned his sailing skills as a privateer.These were private operators who were paid by a government during war.
Of course their mission was to capture enemy ships. And so we can see how Blackbeard developed his skills. He had,after all, been paid to do exactly the same by the British government.

As a privateer the queen often allowed privateers to keep stolen cargo. From there he went on to join a group of pirates from the Caribbean. His next step was to buy and equip his own pirate vessel.
Here lies the true history of the industry in pirate costumes today.