You can never know when the call will come. You might be having breakfast one morning opening your greetings card from your auntie, when all of a sudden a back card falls on the table . You have just been summoned to Secret The Pirate Club. You cannot ignore it . There is no escape.They could come and fetch you in the middle of the night just when you thought you were safe.The pirates are waiting to take you off on a life of piracy.

This is a tough life and you will need to be of light heart and disposition. So now is the time to gather all the puzzles jokes and pirate stories you will need for your adventure. Captain Jack Sparrow, or even worse, Bluebeard needs you, and don't think for a moment it will be as jolly and fun as you see in the movies. Follow us on these pages and those you leave behind will find games and fun for a pirate costume party they might hold while you are gone.