The pirate costume was loud and colorful for males and females. What boy's and girl's pirate costumes have in common: The 3-cornered hat, black, with the sign of the crossbones and skull. Men's hats were simpler than women's, decorated with a feather.The women's have rows of fancy laces and ribbons. The basic pirate crew wore only scarves and bandannas, no hats, displaying their lower rank.

Mens Halloween costumes were often the scary outfit guys wore to the Halloween parties or for taking the kids Trick or Treating. Favourites are Frankenstein and Dracula costumes, and Lord Voldemort ensemble together with the Joker costume. A good outfit in this genre is the zombie doctor, which is based around a set of surgical scrubs, and decaying body parts sticking out of the chest and the knee, together with a terrifying looking zombie mask.

Generic Mens Halloween Costumes

The traditional mens Halloween costume has become very popular recently. It is now taking the place from the scary costumes. These are often worn more than once a year giving good value for money. These costumes are suitable for many themes, but the mens pirate fancy dress offerings are the best known of all. They rose in public affection after the Pirates Of The Caribbean movies and are evolved form a brown jacket and trousers, a shirt with frills, boot covers, and a pirate's hat.